Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cream Soda is only Pink in Canada!

So I'm Canadian, born and raised in Calgary, 8 years as an adult living in Toronto. At the age of 26, I left the cold, left the hockey madness and made my way to grad school in sunny Arizona. I never saw myself as different, and honestly, I'm not. I act, sound, look pretty much like a typical American. However, in the years I've lived here, and since been married to an American, every so often, there are some things that I discover are completely unique to Canada. I'm starting this blog to share my findings, and to just make sure I'm not totally wacky. Having been here for so long, I sometimes question my own memory, is this really what it was? Or am I just crazy.

So I will start my blog with food. This discovery started at an A&W fast food joint. Now McDonalds is the same, and so is Burger King. We have the same burgers, whoopers, big macs etc etc. I'm not a huge fast food fan, but my favorite hamburger is the Mozzaburger.. Yum! There are very few A&Ws in the bay area (it's very anti-fastfood here) so when I finally made it to one, I was completely sad to find out that:

Weird Finding 1) No Mama Burgers, Teen Burgers, Uncle Burgers, Baby Burgers, or Mozza Burgers at A&W :( but they do sell Hot Dogs- wtf?

No wonder there was a Jay Leno headlines once where someone sent in an A&W sign stating "Two Teens for a loonie" - I saw nothing wrong with that sign, apparently America found it hilarious. I now know why.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, and think even to this day, A&W commercials usually have the happy tuba playing song that plays every time the A&W bear shows up. Finding
2) The A&W song doesn't exist in America and 3) The Bear isn't even a mascot down here.

Craziness. At least they have root beer here and Root beer floats. But as a kid I also remember A&W Cream Soda that was sold in the super markets. I started talking to my husband about drinking cream soda as a child, and that the A&W one and Crush ones were always pink.
He says "Pink"?1?
Me -"Of course, flouresent pink. There's Orange crush, which is orange, Grape crush which is purple, and then Cream soda, which is bring pink"
He - "Ah no, you need to look this up"
According to Wikipedia, Crush only marketed Pink cream soda in Canada, why or who made this decision is unknown.
4) Cream soda is only pink in Canada. 

Well that's my first entry. There are so many more strange things, and these things probably pop up once in a while on How I Met your Mother. Here this is my little blog, and my little findings..


Josh Hinks said...

Cream soda use to come in a bottle and be clear or white in Canada. It tasted way better than the pink crap!!!!

Patrick Smith said...

yes something about the red coloring used is not permitted in america. i drove back with 2 cases of the pink stuff when i was 14 and havent seen it since.

Cynthia Marchand said...

Cream soda is only pink in the english part of Canada because in Quebec its clear and A&W does not have cream soda in Quebec :( i used to live in BC and miss my pink A&W cream soda so much !

michael campbell said...

Canada also has orvil already popped pop corn U.S. doesn't carry it

michael campbell said...

Canada also has orvil already popped pop corn U.S. doesn't carry it

Food Lover said...

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TiaraJoy123 said...

Does it taste like our cream sods though? What flavor is it? Does it have a cream vanilla flavor close to what root beer taste like?

Unknown said...

When I was a young girl in New Jersey Cott Soda Company made delicious pink Cream soda. My grandmother made us ice cream sodas with vanilla ice cream and Cott’s Pink Cream soda. Fabulous !!!

Unknown said...

Anyone remember that from the 1950’s?